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Adopt Me Pet Ages & Levels List – Neon Levels!

Adopt Me Pet Ages & Levels List – Neon Levels!

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Roblox Adopt Me is very easy to age your pet, but it can be time-consuming so it’s useful to know how long it might take. We’ll be taking a look at the different levels that pets can reach in the game. Additionally, we will give you information about how many tasks each level requires based upon the pet’s rarity.

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Check out the Pet Ages List

These are the ages and levels of an Adopt Me normal pet:

  • Newborn
  • Junior
  • Pre-Teen
  • Teen
  • Post-Teen
  • Full Grown

Your pet will experience these stages regardless of its rarity. You turn four fully grown pets into a Neon PetThe process will then essentially restart, but the ages won’t be the same. Here is a list of ages that your Neon Pet can have:

  • Reborn
  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Flare
  • Sunshine
  • Luminous
  • Mega-Neon (Full Grown)

These are essentially the same stages as normal pet ages. They just have different names.

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How to Level Up Your Pets

It will take you a variety of tasks depending on the rarity of your pet to get them up to each level. Below is a list that lists the number of objectives needed to bring each pet to its full grown form.

Common Pet

  • Newborn – 3 Tasks
  • Junior – 6 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 11 Tasks
  • Teen – 16 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 20 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 56 Tasks
  • Neon – 228 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon 826 Tasks
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Uncommon Pet

  • Newborn – 5 Tasks
  • Junior – 9 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 13 Tasks
  • Teenage – 18 Tasks
  • Post-Teen: 25 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 70 Tasks
  • Neon – 280 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 1120 Tasks

Rare Pet

  • Newborn – 10 Tasks
  • Junior – 20 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen – 30 Tasks
  • Teen – 40 Tasks
  • 50 Post-Teen Tasks
  • Full Grown – 150
  • Neon – 600 Tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2400

Ultra-rare Pet

  • Newborn – 12 Tasks
  • Junior – 25 Tasks
  • Pre-Teen: 36 Tasks
  • Teen – 47 Tasks
  • Post-Teen: 58 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 78 Tasks
  • Neon – 712 tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 2848 Tasks

Legendary Pet

  • 13 tasks for a newborn
  • Junior – 26 tasks
  • Pre-Teen: 38 Tasks
  • Teen – 50 Tasks
  • Post-Teen 62 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 189 Tasks
  • Neon – 756 tasks
  • Mega-Neon – 3024 Tasks

As you can see, bringing a pet to the next stage of life requires more tasks as the rarer they are. Neon pets can move through the life stages by performing tasks. The Mega-Neon stage is when a pet becomes fully grown.

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It can take eggs a certain number of tasks to hatch. There are two types that eggs, and they differ depending on how many tasks you have.

  • Cracked egg – 4 Tasks
  • 6 Tasks: Limited / Royal/ Pet Eggs

Pet Leveling

This process can be slow, but you can speed it up if you make a “grinding room”. You can put a small crib, tub and feeder in one room. You can complete all tasks for your pet in one place so that you don’t waste time and run around. While it may not cover every task, this covers sleeping, drinking and boredom. This will be the fastest way to level up your pet. Consider creating one of these rooms to help you complete tasks quickly!

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Golden Apples are also available at the doctor’s to heal your pet in case it becomes sick. Every time you log in, make sure you have a sandwich. You can also give this to your pet.

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