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All Clans in Roblox Slayers Unleashed

All Clans in Roblox Slayers Unleashed

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Slayers UnleashedRoblox’s anime RPG is based on the manga and anime Demon Slayer. You can customize your character and learn new abilities. You can also team up with friends to make your destiny. You can also join powerful clans that will help you improve your strength, learn breathing techniques and become the best version possible of yourself.

Rare and Clan items

The following list is based on official Slayers Unleashed. TrelloThe following table lists the most common clans, ranked from least to most rare. It also gives a brief description of each clan’s offerings.

  • Kamado Clan
    • 1% rarity
    • Offers a 10% Damage Bump and 2x EXP Bonus
    • Ability to use Sun Breathing
  • Tsugikuni Clan
    • 1% rarity
    • Offers a 10% Damage Bump and 2x EXP Bonus
    • 85% chance to get and use Moon Breathing
  • Tokito Clan
    • 2% rarity
    • Use mist to do 1.3x more damage and increase speed and endurance
    • 50% chance to get and use Moon Breathing
  • Shinazugawa Clan
    • 2% rarity
    • Offers wind damage up to 1.3x, and 10% for sword combat
  • Rengoku Clan
    • 5% Rare
    • Flame moves can cause 1.3x more damage than normal, and 10% to your health
  • Iguro Clan
    • 5% Rare
    • Serpent Breathing can cause more venom damage than normal.
  • Tsuyuri Clan
    • 5% Rare
    • Flower Breathing receives a damage bonus
  • Kanroji Clan
    • 5% Rare
    • Love damage can be increased by 15% to 20%

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  • Uzui Clan
    • 6% rarity
    • Sound Breathing can cause 1.3x more damage
  • Hashibira Clan
    • 10% Discount on All Orders
    • You can do 1.3x damage using beast moves, and you get an extra 5% stamina
  • Kocho Clan
    • 15% Off on All Orders
    • Insect Moves deal 1.6x as much damage
    • Half the damage is done when you use a sword or a normal combat move
  • Agatsuma Clan
    • 20% Off on All Orders
    • Use thunder moves to deal 1.3x damage
  • Urokodaki Clan
    • 40% Rare
    • In the future, the user will receive a Tengu Mask free of charge in their inventory
  • Tomioka Clan
    • 60% rarity
    • Use water moves to inflict 1.2x more damage
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Rolling clans

Clans can either be rolled with a 75 Robux payment or an active spinning code. You can find these codes in our list. Slayers Unleashed Codes – Roblox (October 2021)!

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