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All Roblox Bedwars Commands

All Roblox Bedwars Commands

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BedwarsThis Roblox Game follows the bedwars mechanic. You collect resources and upgrade your bed to defend it and take down your opponent’s. Roblox recently added several new commands in the custom match mode. This allows you to fine-tune and make the game more difficult.

The following list contains the complete list of commands that are currently available and a quick overview of what they do. While this list isn’t comprehensive, it will be growing as the game developers work on it!

Update February 2022: An additional command was added, /enchant

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Command SyntaxDescription/announce MessageGives a notification message to all in-game players. Replace Message with what you’d like to announce./blacklistitem Item NameRestricts said item from being used in the custom match. Replace ItemName by the item you wish to remove. Items that contain multiple words should be separated by underscores. Replace KitName with your desired kit./disaster disasterNameSpawns the designated disaster in the game. Replace DisasterName with the disaster you’d like to spawn./enchant EnchantmentName_LevelApplies the Enchantment listed in the command. Replace EnchantmentName (with the enchantment) and Level (with the enchantment level) with the command.| @all | @team:TeamColor ItemName AmountGives the selected players the specified amount of the selected item. Replace PlayerName with TeamColor and the name of the player/team that will receive the item. Replace ItemName with Amount and the amount you want to give the selected players. Must use the user’s username and not their Display Name./luckyairdropForces an airdrop of 1-10 Lucky Blocks in a random area on the map. Lucky Blocks contain rare loot/weapons./setDeathmatchTime XXSets the time until the deathmatch countdown begins.Replace XX with the number of seconds to wait before the deathmatch timer starts./setGeneratorMultiplier XXSets the multiplier spawn rate for resource generators.Replace XX with a number above zero to set the spawn rate. The faster it spawns, the lower the number. (.00001 makes it more likely to spawn than 1000)/sethealthgreen Player RegenAmountChanges a players self-regeneration rate. You can replace Player with the name or character of the player you wish to change and RegenAmount with its healing rate. Replace ItemName by the name of the item, and Amount with how many you’d like to spawn./togglespawnName true/falseToggles spawning of that item. You can replace Name with the name of the item you wish to spawn. Color is the color of the bed you wish to teleport./tp UsersNameTeleports to another player. You can replace UserName with the name of the person you wish to teleport.

These are all the commands that have been made available to the game. Make sure to use the correct syntax and capitalization as shown above.

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