All Roblox Royale High Mermaid Halo answers (2022)

All Roblox Royale High Mermaid Halo answers (2022)

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It’s summer! Roblox is a popular role-playing game Royale High has just released its 2022 Summer Halo, the Mermaid Halo, and players are already lining up to test their luck. The halo is made up of a variety of pearl-studded seashells, which sit on a beautiful golden crown.

Correct answers

To obtain this halo, users must correctly guess the best outcome of a story given to them at random from the fountain within the center of town. Below is a table that lists all the information we have at this time about various stories and their outcomes. These results are completely random and may change periodically.

At the time of this article’s publication, the stories used to obtain the 2022 halo are the same as the ones from 2021, though this will likely be changed soon. We will update this guide if and when the repeated stories are replaced by new ones.

Note: Choosing the correct answer for the corresponding story will NOT guarantee you a halo, it simply raises your chances of getting one—a halo pull is extremely rare!

Story and CreatorOption A PossibilitiesOption B PossibilitiesOption C PossibilitiesOption D PossibilitiesChoose where to explore with Marina’s Marine Life Exploration(Eoikyx)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+NothingSearching for the water fairy’s dove veil(UnicornFriendly2)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+NothingChoose a passageway in the underwater cave(xAdyia)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+XP+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+NothingAccept Mina’s merperson spell and choose where to explore(aliyah1164)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+NothingChoose a design for the sandcastle building contest(134Veera)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+NothingEncountering a sea witch(ReallyWeirdMeep)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-DiamondsChoosing which sea creatures to save(blueberryroyal)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XPFinding a crumpled piece of paper on the ground(meggyiscooi)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds+XPHelping the water nymph find her voice(LadyFesti)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XPDesperate hermit crab(xutoka)+Diamonds-Diamonds+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+DiamondsChoosing the pirates’ first treasure hunt destination(creastilla)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XPOceanology homework assignment(dizzy_rxse)+Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-DiamondsChoose one of Sabrina’s mermaid treasures(LUN4TM)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo(?)Help Grimm make a gift for her sister’s birthday(Bramblestar2521)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Halo+Diamonds-DiamondsFinding a glass bottle on the beach(pinkaliciouspurple)+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing+Diamonds-Diamonds+XP+Nothing

We will keep updating this chart as new stories are discovered and their associated rewards or punishments. We’d love to hear from you if you have any stories or other outcomes we didn’t mention above.

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