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WoW Demon Hunter Wow Guide

WoW Demon Hunter Wow Guide

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WoW Demon Hunter Wow Guide

If you’re a level 70 character, you can become a Demon Hunter Wow. You need to belong to a realm and have reached level 70. This is because there are limitations to the number of demon hunters that can be created per day. You can only have one demon hunter per realm. Here are some tips to get you started. Read on to learn how to make the most out of your character. We’ll discuss Fel Devastation, Sigil of Flame, Metamorphisis, Fiery Brand, and more.

Fel Devastation

The primary offensive skill of a Demon Hunter is Fel Devastation. Other main offensive skills include Metamorphisis, Fiery Brand, Demon Spikes, and Sigil of Flame. The leader of the build is Dottz, who increases your active defense uptime to 80%. There are many other ways to make your character more potent, though. If you are unsure of which to choose, check out the following guide.

Sigil of Flame

The Sigil of Flame for Demon Hunter is an anti-aggro/tempo card that is a useful addition to a midrange or control Demon Hunter’s arsenal. This enchanting item increases the damage of Fiery Brand by 15% for every target hit. This effect can stack up to three times. If you have more than three of this item, you will receive a 15% damage bonus.


The new Demon Hunter talent adds a new type of damage that increases magic damage by 5%. Metamorphisis also scales with Haste, allowing you to use it to apply DoT to up to five targets simultaneously. The hunt’s cooldown is a full minute, and the cooldown of Havoc is six seconds. This ability also leaves a mark on the target for 30 seconds. Lastly, Venthyr: Sinful Brand deals heavy Shadow damage over 8 seconds and reduces attack speed by 30%.

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Fiery Brand

A Demon Hunter can use the skill Fiery Brand to deal massive damage to enemies. This talent will last as long as possible, reducing damage done by enemies while spreading threat across multiple targets. During combat, Fiery Brand can also be used with other skills to increase damage and protect yourself. The following are the most useful abilities to use while using Fiery Brand. Weigh your options carefully before deciding on a build.

Demon Spikes

Known as the “Demon Hunter”, this class specializes in close combat and has devastating abilities. It can play the roles of both a damage-dealing fighter and shield. Demon hunters forge heavy leather armor and usually use one-handed weapons. Their abilities allow them to knock out their enemies with one blow, so they are perfect for both tanking and damage-dealing classes. In addition, the ability to use sigils gives them access to more powerful defensive tools.

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