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How to Play the Lavaloon Deck in Beatdown

How to Play the Lavaloon Deck in Beatdown

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How to Play the Lavaloon Deck in Beatdown

This article will give you some information on how to play the Lavaloon Deck. This traditional Beatdown deck is a classic choice for a Beatdown player because of its aerial attack combined with its Balloon. It punishes with a single Balloon, and there is no true counter to its ability. But there are some things to watch out for when playing this deck. It should be a part of your collection!

Lavaloon Is A Traditional Beatdown Deck

If you’ve played other beatdown decks before, you know the importance of Fireball in the game. The spell allows you to gain Elixir advantage when you attack, and it can also help you push air-related units. A Fireball in Lavaloon can help you deal with this problem and kill many different types of units, including Wizards, Musketeers, Pups, and more.

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It Combines Aerial Attack With The Balloon

When playing a balloon deck, it is important to take the same lane as your opponent. This way, you can kite the golem and use the support troops to counter push. To deal with minion hordes, you can use the fireball or the zap. In addition, the balloon has the ability to damage all enemy units in range. The balloon has a timer of 3 seconds, so if you are attempting to clear the tower before it hits it, you will have to make an early switch.

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It Punishes With A Lone Balloon

A lavaloon deck punishes with a single Balloon, and it can be devastating when used in combination with a tower. The first thing to do is trade with the opposite lane, and then deploy the Balloon. The Balloon can shred the tower, but it can only do so much damage if it is at full health. The Balloon is also worth noting as it can punish Collectors with a single hit.

It Has No Real Counter To It

As far as the most important Lavaloon Deck counters go, there are few. Double-Elixir and Inferno are great counters for the hound push, but they can’t completely counter the Lavaloon Deck’s unique abilities. Lavaloon is also susceptible to a Hog push, but in this case, you can counter it with Guards, which are great for pushing.

It Is A Good Deck For Trophy Rise

One of the best strategies for this type of deck is to build a strong push and then place the Hound in the back corner of a damaged Tower. The Hound can be used to hold off the opponent or to tank for the main win condition. If the opponent does not have a Hound, this deck can be an excellent choice. The only disadvantage of this deck is that its offensive power does not match that of its defensive power. This is why it is often recommended to build your Lavaloon Deck with more defensive options.

It Is A Bad Deck For Trophy Rise

If you want to win trophies with Lavaloon, you need to learn how to play the deck effectively. First of all, you need to be very patient. A Lavaloon deck has a high risk of taking damage, especially if you play it in the middle. You can support your Lavaloon push with Lightning and Guards. If you have a lot of elixir in your deck, you should also play an Arrow to clip the Tower. You must also be careful not to cycle your Arrows if you play this deck.

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