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Is Mermaids Real?

Is Mermaids Real?

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Are Mermaids Real?

Is it possible that manatees, Atargatis, and other large marine animals are human-sized. Although there is no direct scientific evidence to support the existence of aquatic humanoids, speculations can be made. We can speculate, and why not? After all, the Copenhagen statue of Mermaids is one of the most iconic. But how real are they? Let’s find the truth. Here are some reasons.


The story of Atargatis Mermaids is a long one. Ancient Assyrians worshipped both the moon and the female powers. They came across an unusual egg floating in the river one day. The goddess appeared in her mermaid form when they pushed the egg to shore. Many cultures have worshiped Atargatis and Mermaids over the centuries.

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Mami Wata

The legend of the Mami Wata Mermaid and Mermaid is based in the legend that the water god is half man and half fish. Her flowing hair makes her look like an aquatic mermaid. It is also believed that she can charm snakes, particularly anacondas. This myth is popular in Africa and can bring bad luck. You should be cautious when you’re near water. There are many ways to drown, including by swimming in a lake.

Copenhagen Statue

The Mermaids of Copenhagen statue is located right on the waterfront and is a popular tourist attraction. The 1837 fairy tale Hans Christian Andersen inspired the mermaid sculpture. The statue was dedicated in 1913 and has been visited by millions. The statue has been vandalized several times, sprayed in paint, and even draped twice with a burqa.

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Manatees and other aquatic creatures can look like mermaids. Another species is the dugong. Both species are at risk from human intrusions into habitats and global warming. Manatees have been placed on the endangered species watch list. Their numbers are likely to drop by as much at 20% over the next 40 year, which is roughly the equivalent of two generations. If we don’t act now to save manatees, we may not see a mermaid for decades.

TikTok Footage

Mermaids are very popular on video-sharing sites like TikTok. Mary Musyoka from Ukunda in Kenya posted the latest clip. It has been viewed over seven million times in one day. These videos are real, but is it possible to make them? Social media has been abuzz with debates about the authenticity of this video, with both Kenyan and South African officials claiming that it is fake. The video shows a group beach-goers around a mermaid and her torso as a human girl.

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