NFL Blitz 03 Cheat Codes

NFL Blitz 03 Cheat Codes

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NFL Blitz 03 is a sports simulation video game. It was published by Midway Games in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. The game is a fun way to test your skills in NFL games. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll definitely enjoy this title. You’ll play as a team, tackle your opponents, and even score touchdowns.

NFL Blitz 03

The NFL Blitz 03 series has always been a multiplayer-focused game. While a two-player game is the most fun, a three-player game can also be a lot of fun. While early versions of the series had a pretty predictable AI, the second edition has improved the AI and added new and exciting features. For example, you can assign stats to players based on how they play. The AI is more accurate than before, and you can even build your own stadiums. You can even build a fantasy team! The Houston Texans are one of the new teams included in NFL Blitz 03.

The sound effects and the gameplay have improved from the first game in the series. In NFL Blitz 03 the two-man commentary is more entertaining than in previous games, and the AI is now much more realistic. The new announcer serves as the straight man for the new jokes, but unfortunately they don’t have the same humor value as in previous titles. In addition, the graphics have improved from the last game. While the game’s stadiums are still the same as in NFL Blitz 2002, the player models have grown in size. The game also moves well, and is more realistic than the last.

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NFL Blitz 03

The second game in the NFL Blitz series is much better than the first. While the second installment was too late for the 2002 season, the third installment is more polished, fixing many of the kinks and getting the series back on track. This is a must-have if you enjoy playing NFL games. So if you’re looking for a new title, look no further than NFL Blitz 03.

While the original NFL Blitz game is an excellent game, this latest entry offers more options. The create-a-player option is a great way to make your team unique. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can create the ultimate fantasy team. The game features a customizable interface, which is an excellent feature for those who want to customize their players. In addition, you can design your own stadium and choose the fantasy team of your choice.

Compared to its predecessor, this game is more advanced. It allows you to create your own team and adjust players’ stats. The artificial intelligence in this game has been tweaked and is more accurate than ever. With more options, you’ll be able to make your team stand out from the competition. You’ll have more options than ever with NFL Blitz 03! It’s also an ideal game to play with friends.

NFL Blitz 03 Cheats

NFL Blitz 03 Cheats

nfl blitz 03 cheats

There are several different NFL Blitz 03 cheats that you can use to cheat in the game. To access them, you must have the pin number or the ID of the person you want to be. This will allow you to play as a secret player. You can also open up hidden modes. Here are a few of the most useful tips: o Get a Free Point on Every Play – During a first down, you can use the “Sub-Zero” play to score a free point. Press the button repeatedly until you hear “No Good” or “Good” and press a third time. You can also intentionally lose a game by 130 points – this will make it count as a win, although you won’t be able to do it during a playoff game.

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o Make use of a PIN Code – In order to activate a PIN code, you have to be logged into your Xbox Live account. The Xbox 360 controller has an option to enter a player name, which is useful for record keeping. If you don’t have an account, you can simply use the one from the Xbox Live Store. This will grant you the ability to access the PIN code for every other human player in the game.

o Add a Player – In order to activate a PIN code, you must be logged in as an official player. The code you activate will require two players to agree. You must have two human teammates to play with you and have the same Xbox Live Account. You can also activate a PIN code more than once in a single game. You can use more than one PIN code in the game at once.

  1. EffectEffect
    3-1-4 RightAll Stadiums
    2-1-1 LeftAllow Out of Bounds
    2-2-2 LeftAlways QB
    2-2-2 RightAlways Receiver
    0-3-4 DownArctic Stadium
    5-4-3 RightArmageddon Team
    3-1-4 DownBetter Teammates
    0-2-5 LeftBig Feet
    2-0-0 RightBig Heads
    2-0-3 RightBig Heads (Team)
    3-1-0 UpBilder’s Team
    4-3-2 DownBrew Dog’s Team
    0-3-3 RightCentral Park
    0-2-5 UpChimp Mode
    0-3-0 DownChrome Ball
    0-3-0 DownClassic Ball
    1-2-3 RightClear Weather
    4-0-3 RightCrunch Team
    0-0-3 DownDisable Auto Passing
    0-1-2 DownDisable CPU Assistance
    0-0-3 UpEnable Auto Passing
    3-3-3 DownExtra Offensive Play
    0-0-1 RightExtra Time
    2-4-0 LeftFast Passes
    0-3-2 LeftFaster Running
    2-3-2 DownGround Fog
    1-4-5 LeftHuge Head
    2-5-3 RightMidway Team
    2-1-2 RightMore Code Entry Time
    3-4-5 UpMore Fumbles
    3-4-4 DownNeo Tokyo Team
    2-1-0 UpNo First Down
    5-2-3 DownNo Fumbles
    3-5-5 UpNo Interceptions
    1-4-1 UpNo Punting
    3-2-1 DownNo Receiver Highlights
    5-5-4 RightNo Replays
    0-2-5 RightPower Loader
    5-2-1 UpPower-up Linemen
    4-1-2 UpPower-up Offense
    5-5-5 RightRain Mode
    2-5-4 UpRolo’s Team
    0-2-1 RightShow More Field
    3-5-1 RightShowtime Mode
    5-5-5 LeftSnow Mode
    0-5-4 UpSuper Blitzing
    1-2-3 LeftSuper Field Goals
    1-1-1 DownTournament Mode
    0-3-5 UpTraining Grounds

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, Ned Flanders

  2. Playable Characters

    Enter the following code at the Name and ID screen:

    BEAR 1985Play as Bear
    CLOWN 1974Play as Clown
    COWBOY 1996Play as Cowboy
    DEER 1997Play as Deer
    DOLPHIN 1972Play as Dolphin
    EAGLE 1981Play as Eagle
    HORSE 1999Play as Horse
    LION 1963Play as Lion
    MADISON 1220Play as Madison
    PATRIOT 2002Play as Patriot
    PINTO 1966Play as Pinto
    PIRATE 2001Play as Pirate
    RAM 2000Play as Ram
    RBL-DBN 9669Play as RBL-DBN
    ROBOTR 1973Play as Robot R
    ROBOTS 1970Play as Robot S
    TIGER 1977Play as Tiger
    VIKING 1977Play as Viking
    ZEMAN 1986Play as Zeman

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