Phasmophobia TROLL Menu Hack 2022

Phasmophobia TROLL Menu Hack 2022

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Best Cheats for Phasmophobia, this is Phasmophobia Troll Menu that is with full of Troll mod menu hacks and TROLL Hacks for Phasmophobia game in 2022.

I tested this troll hack menu for phasmophobia and it is really fun to use this free hack.

Phasmophobia Troll Menu

The best way and trick to make fun of the players in this phasmophobia game is the Phasmophobia Troll Menu. With this Phasmophobia Troll Menu cheat, you will mostly control certain topics in the game and troll players as you wish. This mod menu hack, which is very nice and fun, is really more enjoyable than playing the game and it is free to use.

Phasmophobia Troll MenuPhasmophobia Troll Menu
Features of Troll Menu

Ghost mode Hacks

With this ghost mode hacks for Phasmophobia game you will be able to control all feautres of ghost.

Door Features

With door features you can make Knock sound effect or close all doors or even you can disable all exits and more

Teleport hacks

With this teleport hacks for Phasmophobia game you will be able to teleport to players and death room teleport even kill players and more features on this panel

And many more free phasmophobia hack features

  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Super Walking Speed
  • Super Running Speed
  • Reveal Player Location
  • Player Location
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  • Ghost Always Visible
  • Disable Ghost
  • Reveal Ghost Type
  • Ghost Type
  • Reveal Ghost Favorite Room
  • Ghost Favorite Room
  • Reveal Ghost Location
  • Ghost Location
  • Money
  • Experience Multiplier
  • Maximum Sanity
  • Freeze Current Sanity
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Unlimited Salt
  • Strong Flashlight
  • Game Speed

How to use Phasmophobia Hacks?

This is the question ie How to use Phasmophobia Hacks? The answer is now simple, thanks to All the cheats on our site are free and safe to use. To use phasmophobia and other category cheats, all you have to do is carefully consider the issues, read the instructions for use and follow the instructions. If you follow, the best free cheats site, and carefully read and apply the shared content, you can enjoy free cheats.

How to use Phasmophobia Troll Menu Hacks?

1- Download the Phasmophobia Hack from the download button down bellow
2- Download Xenos Injector.
3- Extract all to desktop.
4- Start game and Run XENOS Injector
5- Select DLL from Xenos and Select game.
6- Inject to game and enjoy free hacks

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