Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes (June 2022)

Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes (June 2022)

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It’s an addictive point-and-click adventure Clicker SimulatorIt is extremely attractive to have the rarest and best pets. It’s tempting to open eggs, but it can be costly, so make sure you have plenty of in-game currency. With Clicks, Rebirths, and Gems, however, collecting currency in this experience can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get a head start on filling up your various Clicker Simulator banks and earning exclusive pets—codes!

Each Clicker Simulator code listed below can unlock a variety of free prizes—from Luck boosts to free Clicks, Shiny boosts to free auto-hatches, these codes have it all! Be sure to check back here regularly for the most up-to-date and OP codes—we update this list as soon as new codes come out! If you find a code in the Working Codes section that seems expired, please let us know so we can remove it as soon as possible. Also, remember that each code must be entered exactly as written. Otherwise, the experience will not accept it.

Clicker Simulator is a great experience. If you want to find more, please check out our guide. How to get secret pets in Roblox Clicker Simulator! This article will provide some of PGG’s tips and tricks for unlocking, collecting and hunting all types of secret pets. If you want to improve your existing pets, our guides will show you how to transform them into your favorite pet. goldOder rainbow versions! You can upgrade your pets to unlock different types of currencyEven faster!

All Clicker Simulator codes List

Revisioned June 8, 20,22

Removing expired code

Clicker Simulator Codes (Working).

All codes are tested by our staff and found to work. These can be entered manually or copied and pasted where needed. These codes won’t work for you if you misspell the word. Let us know if there are any errors in the codes and we’ll double-check them.

  • 2HR500LIKE—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost (New)
  • LUCKY5000—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost (New)
  • 400DOUBLELUCK—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost (New)
  • LUCKYCODE21—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • tokcodeluck12—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • 2xlongluck350—Redeem for a 2 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • LIKECLICK12—Redeem for a Boost
  • twitter100k—Redeem for 2 hours of 2x Luck
  • 325CLICKS2—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Clicks

Clicker Simulator codes (Expired).

These Clicker Simulator codes do not work anymore. They are kept here to dispel any rumors about old codes still working. These codes were tested and either failed to work or returned an invalid response. Although all codes eventually expire, sometimes they work for a brief time. We’ll double-check these codes if they work for your needs.

  • freeautohatch—Redeem for 1 hour Free Auto-Hatch
  • 300DOUBLELUCK—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Luck
  • 300SHINYCHANCE—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Shiny Chance
  • 50klikes—Redeem for 5 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • 30klikes—Redeem for 2 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • 20KLIKES—Redeem for 3 hour free Auto-Hatch
  • FREEAUTOHATCH5—Redeem for 2 hours of auto-hatch
  • 275K2XSHINY—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Shiny Chance
  • 250KLIKECLICKS—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Click Boost
  • 225KLIKECODE—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Shiny Chance
  • 200KLIKECODE—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Shiny Chance
  • 175KLIKELUCK—Redeem for 1 hour 2x Luck
  • 150KCLICKS—Redeem for 3 hour 2x Click Boost
  • 125KLUCK—Redeem for 3 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • 100KLIKES—Redeem for an hour of Auto-Click
  • 75KLIKES—Redeem for 3 hour 2x Luck Boost
  • 70KLIKES—Redeem for a free Boost
  • 10KLikes—Redeem for 2x Click Boost 1 Hour
  • UPDATE4HYPE—Redeem for 2x Luck Boost 1 Hour
  • 2022—Redeem for 2022 Champion Pet
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How to redeem Clicker Simulator codes

Roblox Clicker Simulator Code Menu 1024x576 1Screenshot taken by Pro Game Guides

Follow these steps to redeem Clicker Simulator codes:

  • Open the experience and click the Menu button to the left of the screen.
  • From the menu, click on the Twitter icon
  • In the text box, enter each code.
  • To receive your reward, press confirm

How to get more clicker simulator codes

Roblox developers often add codes to their experiences at random, rather than publishing them on a set schedule. This results in code release times that are unpredictable. The best way to stay up-to-date on codes is by checking out this page regularly or by joining the Clicker Simulator community Discord server.

This server exists to cover the entirety of Pressure Studios, the development studio behind Clicker Simulator, so you may see a bit of extra information, but Clicker Simulator-specific codes will be posted nonetheless—codes are often posted on Discord and in the Pressure Studios Roblox groupThey will not be released anywhere else until they are!

Why don’t my Clicker Simulator codes work?

Inadvertently letting in extra numbers or letters can happen if you type a code manually. If you notice that you do this too often we suggest copying the code here and pasting it into a text box.

Even if you’re certain you’ve done it correctly, it may not work any longer. It is possible that you have already used the code, so you may not be able redeem it again. If you are not receiving a reward from any of our codes, please leave a comment so that we can double-check the code and update this guide.

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What is Clicker Simulator?

Clicker Simulator works in the same way as other farming experiences. It’s all about farming and grinding as much as you can. Clicker Simulator doesn’t have a story. However, players can aim to acquire a wide range of unique, powerful, and colorful pets. To achieve this often lofty goal, players need patience, dedication, and lots of currency and boosts. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, get clicking!

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