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Factory Simulator Codes – free cash & crates (June 2022)

Factory Simulator Codes – free cash & crates (June 2022)

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A game that challenges players and forces them to build their industrial empire. Factory Simulator offers various forms of machinery, tools, and gear to help players complete numerous real-life tasks and jobs in a virtual environment. The goal is to mine, chop and grind your way up the ladder, then refine, refine, and finally sell it. How can you get an advantage in building your empire? Codes, of course!

Do not panic if you find yourself running out of cash in-game. We’ve got you covered! You can redeem the codes below for a variety freebies, including cash and crates. If you find a code in the Working Codes section that seems expired, please let us know so we can remove it as soon as possible. Also, remember that each code must be entered exactly as written. Otherwise, the experience will not accept it.

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All Factory Simulator Codes

Revised May 12

Valid working codes

Factory Simulator Codes (Working).

Here’s a list of all working Factory Simulator codes.

  • tevinisawesomeagain!!—Redeem for cash (New)
  • newyearnewcodes!!—Redeem for cash (New)
  • Stanscode: Redeem for 2x Advanced Crate
  • TheCarbonMeister – Redeem for 2 Advanced Crates
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Factory Simulator codes (Expired).

These Factory Simulator codes do not work anymore.

  • TYSMFOR100KLIKES!! Redeem for 2x Advanced Crates
  • happyholidays — Redeem for cash
  • tevinisawesomept2!—Redeem for 1 Advanced Crate
  • randomcodehehpt2—Redeem for $3.87k cash
  • tevinsalwayswatchingyes!!—Redeem for $3.00k cash
  • discordspecial—Redeem for $5.64k cash
  • SURPRISECODEHI!—Redeem for $3.00k cash
  • greetingsmychildren – Redeem for 3K Cash
  • October – Redeem 3.87k Cash
  • TwitterCode2021! TwitterCode2021!
  • THANKYOUFORPLAYING! Redeem for 3K cash
  • Sub2Cikesha-Redeem for 3K cash
  • Firesam – Get 3K Cash when you redeem for it
  • Kingkade: Redeem for 3K cash
  • Goatguy: Redeem for 3K cash

How to redeem factory simulator codes

How to enter codes in Factory Simulator

Factory Simulator allows you to easily redeem codes for rewards! Follow these steps to redeem codes for Factory Simulator rewards.

Roblox Factory Simulator Codes Menu 1024x576 1Screenshot from Pro Game Guides
  • Launch the experience to get started
  • Once you are inside, find and click the Settings button (cog icon), at the bottom.
  • The Settings menu will have a blue text area where you can enter codes.
  • To redeem your prize, copy and paste or type in the code.

How can I obtain more Factory Simulator codes

Although there isn’t a set date for Factory Simulator updates being released, there are several ways to keep track! You can stay informed about codes by checking this article or following Gaming Glove Studios (the development team behind Factory Simulator). TwitterJoin the Factory Simulator Discord server, and joining the Gaming Glove Studios Roblox group.

Why aren’t my codes working correctly?

Each Roblox code is not the same length of time. Some codes may be inactive for as little as 24 hours. If you attempt to enter a code and it says Code Expired, that code is no longer active and, unfortunately, can no longer be redeemed. This code cannot be fixed. If you attempt to type in a code and it says Invalid Code, however, this means that you’ve likely mistyped the code or neglected to use the correct capitalization. This is a sign that you have mistyped or neglected to use the correct capitalization. If it happens, retype and re-enter it, making sure to copy it exactly how it is written.

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What is Factory Simulator?

Factory Simulator is similar to other Roblox simulators. It allows players to immerse themselves in new worlds and have new adventures that they may not have experienced before. Factory Simulator is a unique experience that allows players to be a factory owner or employee and manage their multi-purpose business however they like. Factory Simulator lets you experiment with many designs, machines, and materials!

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