Muscle Legends Codes – Free strength & gems! (June 2022)

Muscle Legends Codes – Free strength & gems! (June 2022)

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You’ve always wanted to be the strongest Robloxian anywhere in the universe. Roblox Muscle Legends gives you the chance to be the strongest Robloxian anywhere in the world. This title allows you to use weights for strength, and then move on to other forms of weight lifting, while feeling the power grow within.

Our Muscle Legends codes will help you make huge gains and become more powerful quickly. These codes will instantly grant you Strength, Gems and Agility. These codes can be used to defeat your foes in the brawl.

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All Muscle Legends Codes

Last updated May 16

Redesigned page, and all codes checked!

Muscle Legends Codes (Available)

Here is a list of all codes currently available:

  • MillionWarriors—Redeem for 1.5k Strength (New)
  • frostgems10—Redeem for 10K Gems
  • Musclestorm50—Redeem for 1500 Strength
  • spacegems50—Redeem for 5000 gems 
  • megalift50—Redeem for 250 Strength 
  • speedy50—Redeem for 250 Agility 
  • Skyagility50—Redeem for 500 Agility 
  • galaxycrystal50—Redeem for 5000 gems 
  • supermuscle100—Redeem code for 200 Strength
  • launch250—Redeem for 250 Gems
  • epicreward500—Redeem for 500 Gems
  • superpunch100—Redeem for 100 Strength
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How to redeem Roblox Muscle Legends code

How to use Muscle Legacy codes

To redeem codes, please click here Muscle LegendsYou just need to find the Codes button at your screen. You will be rewarded by clicking on that button. Copy one of our codes, then paste it in the box.

How do you get more Muscle Legends codes

You can bookmark this page to receive more Muscle Legends codes. Make sure to check back often. Alternative methods are available. @ScriptbloxianFollow us on Twitter.

You can also join Roblox Scriptbloxian Studios GroupYou can also earn in-game bonuses

Why isn’t my Muscle Legends code working?

If Muscle Legends codes are not working, be sure to copy and paste the code rather than type it in to make sure it’s spelled correctly, as this is the main reason a lot of codes don’t work—the misspelling of a code.

Sometimes codes can expire quickly and without warning, leaving players wondering what the reason is for it being on our list of working codes. We will be happy to move your code to expired if it happens.

What are Muscle Legends codes, you ask?

Muscle Legends codes will give you instant stats for Strength and Agility so you can skip the grind and get as buff as you want. These codes are only valid once and will give you an advantage in fighting to be the best!

Gems will be available to you for the purchase of pets. When a pet is equipped, all pets will give you a permanent buff. You can upgrade them to increase their active buffs as you get more pets.

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What are Muscle Legends?

Going to the gym is not the best way to get stronger than the rest. Muscle Legends is worth a look. Your goal is to be the ultimate buff legend. This is done by lifting weights, dumbells and/or running on treadmills to improve your Agility. When you feel you are strong enough to take on other people, go into a brawl.

Spend your Gems and pets for strength, then head to different gyms for ultimate strength!

What has the Muscle Legends latest update brought?

Scriptbloxiax Studious updates Muscle Legends regularly, adding new features to the site. You can now join the Million Warriors Battle Island event in the most recent update!

  • Battle Island is a brand-new map. You can destroy your enemies here and get massive boosts!
  • Play the Million Warriors to unlock new characters and pets.
  • You can now track all quests in the game! Talk to everyone and complete them all!
  • New pets to unlock from Battle Legends & Dark Nebula.

What do passes do in Muscle Legends?

You can buy passes from the Muscle Legends shop to get permanent Muscle Legends buffs. These boosts can only be obtained by purchasing Robux. These boosts can increase your capacity or double the strength of your gains. We’ll show you all the passes that Muscle Legends offers.

PassWhat you getRobux Pricex2 StrengthWhen training, earn double Strength349x2 Rep TimeQuickens up all reps499x2 GemsEarn double the Gems249x2 DurabilityWhen training, earn double Durability299x2 AgilityWhen training, earn double Agility299+20 CapacityGain 20 extra item capacity*This stacks with +60 capacity99+60 CapacityGain 60 extra item capacity*This stacks with +20 capacity289+2 Pet SlotsEquip two extra pets499

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