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Roblox: Best Scary Games – Roblox Horror Games! (2022)

Roblox: Best Scary Games – Roblox Horror Games! (2022)

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There’s something oddly satisfying about getting your blood pumping with a truly terrifying playthrough—whether you prefer jump scares or a slow buildup, immersive ambiance, or chilling silence, our picks for the best scary Roblox experiences will have something for every horror fan. The experiences mentioned below made it onto our list because of their continued dedication to the horror genre and their impressive effort to push the bar for Roblox experiences in general—so be warned, some of them are not for the faint of heart! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your Roblox experiences!

Roblox Horror Games List

Here is a quick overview of the list:

Continue reading to find out more about each game!

The Mimic

Roblox The Mimic Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox the Mimic

Roblox doesn’t often host truly frightening experiences, so it’s important to know when they are. The Mimic grew to massive popularity in 2021, it made perfect sense. The Mimic is a terrifying horror experience that features a chilling sound design, many chapters, a large map, jump scares and countless other elements. It should be enjoyed by all fans of the genre. Your friend right now believes so.

The True Backrooms

Roblox The True Backrooms Fetured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox. The True Backrooms

You’re looking for a terrifying experience that makes you feel scared? The True Backrooms is for you. The place where everyone swears that they’ve been before, whether it be in a dream or in some distant memory, the backrooms is a look into another reality—an infinite assortment of hallways where people get lost in their own madness. Roblox’s The True Backrooms allows players to enter this world and challenge them to not only escape but also their own madness.

Three Nightmares

Roblox Three Nightmares Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox Three Nightmares

Three Nightmares allows players to choose and play through three unique horror stories, each with their own setting, mystery, suspense, and enemies. The game contains flashing lights, loud noises and other visuals that can be overwhelming for most Roblox players. On top of that, Three Nightmares is designed to appear as if you’re watching an old VHS tape, so the entire experience is covered in a crackling, static-y filter—great!

Alone in Dark House

Roblox Alone In A Dark House Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox Alone in a House Dark

The surface is beautiful Alone in a Dark House (AIADH) may seem like just another murder mystery experience—work as a private investigator, explore the creepy murder house, solve the case, win. It’s either a good or bad thing, depending on how you view it. AIADH encourages players to work together, solve puzzles, and deal with various fears, such as ghosts, dark spaces, tight spaces, or being truly alone.

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The Maze

Roblox The Maze Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox The Maze

The Maze is a terrifyingly perfect mix between the thought of what lurks in the distance at any moment, and what’s breathing down your neck once you enter claustrophobically close quarters. The Maze allows you to explore an abandoned mine cave with only 11 friends by using your camera’s flash. Due to the cave’s twists, turns and difficulty of the experience, it can be difficult to keep track of your fellow players. Sometimes, you may hear footsteps or see a light in a corner.

Dark Corners

Roblox Dark Corners Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox Dark Corners

Collect shards, complete multiple levels, escape—seems simple enough, right? Not quite. Like a large number of horror games, Dark Corners aims to scare you, and they don’t pull any punches in doing so. This experience is full of unexpected changes, loud noises, and pop-ups. Sometimes that’s all a horror lover needs. Dark Corners is the perfect place to have a fun time with your friends.

The Library

Roblox The Library Featured image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox The Library

This description gives little or no insight into the experience. The Library is all about going in blind. This experience has no story, so the player must decide how to win, or in this instance, escape from the library. Avoid enemies, solve puzzles, become extremely frustrated by how impossible both of these requirements seem—it’s all apart of the creepy fun!

Cult of the Cryptids

Roblox Cult Of The Cryptids Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox Cult the Cryptids

An open, independent experience that is truly global. Cult of the Cryptids (COTC) is not for those who find comfort in linear story telling or the random rooms in haunted houses that have their lights on—a play through of this game would be best suited for those who enjoy a challenge, and having their hands sweat and heart pump. COTC has many exciting and terrifying moments, including appearances by Siren Head (Cartoon Cat), Mothman, Wendigo, The Rake and La Llorona).


Roblox IMAGINE Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox IMAGINE

Similar to Alone in a Dark House IMAGINE invites players into another family’s home to help solve the mystery of their death. IMAGINE is a slow-burn horror game that delivers realistic-feeling graphics with impressive spatial audio. This experience is also updated in a unique way that keeps it feeling fresh—each time that a new chapter is added it focuses on a different member of the Williams family, unlocking more to their mysterious story.


Roblox Bear Featured Image 1024x576 1Image via Roblox Bear

One of the more fun experiences on this list, BEAR is a one versus all escape the enemy experience where one player in the server is turned into Bear, and the other nine players must escape and defeat them. Surprinsgly terrifying, Bear is fast, loud, and has a horrifying jump scare screen, so don’t go into this experience expecting a simple kid’s game—rookie mistake! You can also personalize the Bear skin that appears after they are chosen to transform. We’ll just tell you that some bears don’t look like fluffy, cuddly teddy bears.

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roblox piggy 1024x576 1MiniToon image

PiggyIt is a horror puzzle survival game in which players vote for the location and game modes they want. The players can elect to have a random player chosen as the beast, Piggy or any other skins they choose, or they can replace the beast with a bot. The victims must then try to collect keys and items needed to escape the location successfully, without falling into Piggy’s hands or worse, whacked over the head with their bat. You will have hours of fun playing this thrilling game with its many maps and different modes.


roblox 3008 1024x576 1Image via uglyburger0

3008This is about living your childhood dreams, of building a base in an Ikea store and staying the night. But things can get twisted when the lights go off. As the gang of Ikea workers swarm the store, you must make it through your base. It is difficult to escape them as they are fast and can be scary. To survive, you will need to climb high or crawl low behind furniture and shelves. They won’t ask you to leave, they’ll just make you pay… with your life.


roblox specter 1024x576 1Image via Lithium Labs

Phasmophobia is a game that inspired this article SpecterYou can explore the depths of the night like a ghost hunter, and discover the supernatural. With a group, you and your friends will need to go to a haunted place and use special equipment for evidence of paranormal activity and to determine what kind of ghost roams the area. It is not an easy task. Ghosts can be very hostile and may attack you with jumpscares or even kill you if you are threatened. If you’re alone in the dark, the ghost may turn on you.

Survive the Killer

roblox survive the killer 1024x576 1Image via Slyce Entertainment

Survive the KillerIt is a horror chase game that pits one against all. One player will be chosen as the murderer and the rest must try to hide from him. Their teammates may fall, and they can be the hero by trying to rescue them. However, this could put their lives at risk. As the time runs out, all players will need to try and escape before they are killed. You can also find loot in the area to be sold at the end for coins that you can use to purchase different customizations such as shiny new knives.


roblox judy 1024x576 1Image via Phantom Archive

Enjoy several chapters full of fear in the game Judy, as you explore Judy’s past in an abandoned theme park from the 70s, a haunted mansion, and more creepy locations. Your fellow investigators and you will be confronted with evil animatronic animals that are ready to jumpscare. Help find the items needed to escape and successfully make it through Judy’s twisted past. If you first save yourself, you might be able save Judy.

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roblox granny 1024x576 1Image via Promidius Games

Grandma visits are usually a pleasant experience. GrannyBut it’s a different story. As you hunt for keys and other essentials to escape from your kidnappers, play with five friends, one enemy and five survivors. To scare your friends, you can earn points or improve your escape strategy by using practice mood. You’ll be in for a treat.

Frigid Dusk

roblox frigid dusk 1024x576 1Image via Idc Studio

Frigid DuskIt has amazing graphics and a captivating storyline that will make it seem like you’re not playing Roblox. You and your fellow scientists will explore a deep, dark mine deep beneath the frozen tundra to uncover the secrets below and attempt to retrieve your bio-weapon. This game features terrifying jumpscares and nightmare fuel substances that make for an unforgettable horror experience. Are you able to solve the mystery and confront the dark side of this story?

The Rake

roblox the rake 1024x576 1NASARealist Image

This horrifying experience will see you being thrown into a pitch black forest. The RakeYou will need to survive with your Robloxians, as the beast hunts unexpecting victims. Venture the dark, eerie forest around you as you try to survive the night and put an end to The Rake’s bloodfest. The game’s remastered sound and visuals have quickly made it one of the most popular Horror games. It’s a truly horrifying and heart-racing time only for the fearless to accomplish.

Escape from the Darkness

roblox escape the darkness 1024x576 1Image via Bitware Games

Escape the DarknessThis is a round-based horror game that features one player as the killer and multiple objectives for the other players to complete in order to escape. This game is different from others that have similar plots because players can activate special loadouts that provide perks to help them survive. You can get stealthiness or healing, which could make the difference between success and death. The killer can also purchase perks to aid him in his mission of killing all survivors. To gain points and other perks, you can team up with others to try to escape the facility. Only the strong will escape from the darkness.


roblox nanny 1024x576 1Image via ECB Studios

Nanny is a terrifying babysitting adventure where all players morph into a baby, and one is selected for the evil Nanny. The Nanny will not allow babies to find the keys that unlock doors or find a way out of spooky maps. Babies must also find a way to escape from these maps. Your sonic scream can stun the Nanny, and help your babies get away. Points can be earned to improve your appearance. This experience will make you cry with the terrifying Nanny, the exciting chases and the jumpscares.


This concludes our list of the top scary Roblox experiences. We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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