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Scott Robertson – An AMDA Alumnus

Scott Robertson – An AMDA Alumnus

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If you’re interested in the life and times of Neville Robertson, Scott Robertson is a man to watch. Scott is an AMDA alumnus who appeared in CHOIR BOY and has written 2 solo shows. He believes in nurturing his students toward creating work. In this article, he shares some insights about Robertson. Read on for more! Now, read on to learn about this great actor and his career!

Neville Robertson

In addition to publishing numerous books, Scott Dawson is also the founder of Design Studio Press, a publishing company dedicated to art education. He has instructed on nine DVDs, focusing on drawing and rendering techniques. Scott has co-produced 41 design DVDs with other leading designers and artists. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Melissa Kent. Neville Robertson, Scott Robertson, and Melissa Kent are the authors of several other art books and DVDs.

Originally from Minnesota, Scott Robertson grew up in Plymouth, Minnesota, where he was taught to draw by his artist father. As a teen, he also built soapbox derby cars with his father. In 1990, he moved to Oregon State University, where he rowed in the bow position. He transferred to the ArtCenter College of Design, where he earned a B.S. degree in April 1990.

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