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Tower Defense Simulator Codes | Roblox (June 2022)

Tower Defense Simulator Codes | Roblox (June 2022)

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Tower Defense SimulatorAs the name suggests, defending your tower and building the strongest army possible is the goal of ‘Storm Defense’. In order to do this, and do this successfully, you’ll need a hefty amount of Coins and Gems—so how do you earn them quickly? There must be an easier way than grinding enemies for hours. The answer is codes! Codes!

Pro Game Guides is your source for the most current and OP codes. These codes can be used to unlock a lot of Gems, Coins, or even code-exclusive tower Skins. If you find a code in the Active Codes section that seems expired, please let us know so we can remove it as soon as possible. Remember that the code must be entered exactly how it was written.

If you are still low after redeeming these codes, CoinsOr GemsWe recommend that you check out our articles which detail the best methods to grind each currency fast! If you are looking for general tips and tricks, our guide is available. Best Loadouts for Roblox Tower Defense Simulator!

All Tower Defense Simulator codes List

Revised May 5

All codes were checked

Tower Defense Simulator Codes (Working).

Our staff has tested all of the codes and they work. They can be entered manually or copied and pasted. They won’t work if they aren’t correctly spelled. If you have any questions about the codes, please let us know and we’ll double-check!

  • There are no current working codes
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Tower Defense Simulator codes (Expired).

These codes for Tower Defense Simulator no longer work. To dispel any rumors of old codes working, we keep them. These codes did not work or returned an invalid response when we tested them. All codes eventually expire. Sometimes, however, they may work again for a limited time. If any of these codes work for you, please let us know and we will double-check!

  • MERRY2021: Redeem for Your Present Skin [Must have Farm Tower]
  • robloxisback – Redeem for Premium Skincrate
  • 1BILLION – Get a Deluxe Crate 
  • COMMUNITY20 – Redeem code for Mini Skin [Must have Minigunner Tower]
  • celebration21 – Redeem code for 1 Party Crate 
  • 200KMAY – Redeem code for 500 Gems 
  • BLOXY21 – Redeem for Commander Skin [Must have Commander Tower]
  • FIFTYK – Redeem code for 200 Coins 
  • Delay – Get a Premium Crate!
  • imababy: Redeem code for 100 gems
  • New Year 2021 – Get one Premium Crate for Free by Redeeming Code
  • 30k – Get one pumpkin crate for free by using the coupon code
  • DOUBLEBLOXIES-Redeem code for Cowboy Skin (Must Own Cowboy Tower).
  • ICYFREEZE: Redeem code for Freezer Skin
  • W33KLICODE – Redeem code for +65 experience
  • 5KMILESTONE: Redeem code for Minigunner Skin
  • B1RDHUNT3R: Redeem code to get a free Hunter Troop
  • 1pumpkin – Get a free pumpkin crate by redeeming the code
  • Springtime Skin (Shredder – SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE
  • Springtime Skin (Commander) – HAPPY3AST3R!
  • 100 Coins – ELECTRO
  • 100 XP – SW33TXP
  • Gain XP- 02MOMENT
  • MOARXP – Gain XP

How to redeem codes within Tower Defense Simulator

Redeeming your codes is easy. Tower Defense Simulator. To redeem your code:

  • Simply launch the game, and then press the Twitter button to the left of the screen.
  • In the text box, enter each code individually
  • Press Redeem
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If you enter the code correctly, you will get a message telling you that you have received your reward. If the code is not correct, it will either tell you that it’s invalid or expired or send no message.

How to get more Tower Defense Simulation codes

You can keep up-to-date with the latest codes by visiting this page often. We are still searching for codes and test them frequently. We are the best source for Tower Defense Simulator codes.

You can also find more codes by following the Tower Defense Simulator Twitter account and joining the Tower Defense Simulator Discord server. These codes are frequently posted to social media before they’re released elsewhere, so it’s a smart idea to be on the lookout for them! Paradoxum Games is a bonus for Tower Defense Simulator players who sign up. Roblox groupYou can also get a +$100 start cash for free!

Why don’t my Tower Defense Simulator codes work?

There are many lifespans for codes. Tower Defense Simulator codes do not have the same lifespan. Some codes expire quickly, while others can last for longer.

If the codes found in the working section stop working, you should first double-check whether they have been copied or correctly typed. If not, the code may have just expired. Sometimes developers do not activate codes immediately. If this happens, check the page often to make sure a new code is added. We will look into any problems with the codes.

What is Tower Defense Simulator and how can it help you?

Tower Defense Simulator forces players to work together and create an army of unique characters. As they battle alongside friends, or as a solo player in different game modes, players can unlock new characters.

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How to get higher in Tower Defense Simulator

You can unlock various benefits by earning additional XP. These can be used to boost your army and include additional troops. You can see the rewards menu at the top of the screen to see the benefits of leveling up. The additional troops you gain will allow you to choose different options for heading into different places.

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